Flamenco Workshops

Future workshops

Future Deva Flamenco Workshops will be listed here.

Past workshops

Sept 2018 We welcomed back Maria Del Mar "Chachi" from Malaga to give workshops in bulerias, tangos de Triana and flamenco rhythms.

June 2017 Maria Del Mar from Malaga gave workshops in Tangos de Malaga, Guajira and taught us another flashmob routine, this time in bulerias style. She also gave workshops in a primary school and to adults with disabilities at SCOPE.

Sept 2016 Maria DelMar completed the tanguillos and taught beginners bulerias, advanced alegrias and a Flash Mob flamenco routine.

February 2016, Maria DelMar taught tanguillos with a shawl, fiesta bulerias and gave workshops in a primary school in Kelsall and for absolute beginners and for disabled young people and adults in Chester.

Nia and Chris taught Sevillanas in Wrexham in May 2015

Maria DelMar from Malaga taught alegrias with a shawl, siguiriyas, contemporary bulerias plus flamenco classes for people with disabilities - February 2015.

Maria DelMar gave workshops in farruca and end of show bulerias plus classes to people with disabilities in November 2013.

November 2012. Thanks also to Maria to for her workshops in Tangos, Sevillanas and Solea por Bulerias for flamenco students
plus her classes for young people and adults with various disabilities.

In January and March 2012 we liaised with Flamenco-de-Liverpool to offer shows and workshops with Juan Antonio Perez and Flamenco Azabache.

October 2011 Maria del Mar gave workshops in Chester in guajira and tientos and also taught groups of young people and adults with disabilities.

October 2010 Sylvia Zalas gave Gypsy dance workshops.

Maria del Mar came from Malaga to teach siguiriyas and bulerias (October 2009), solea (July 2009), alegrias (December 2008), tangos and tarantos (June 2008) and fandangos (November 2007)

Carmen de Torres from Seville taught tangos and bulerias and took part in our Taste of Flamenco evening, March 2007
See Carmen de Torres website.