Flamenco Shows

We give a range of performances from full length shows to a selection of dances for restaurants, parties or social events.

We have contributed dances to plays - e.g. Lorca's Blood Wedding - to Spanish-themed evenings - to Roman, Gypsy, folk or diversity festivals - or as guest performers in a dance show.

Spanish girls from Cadiz danced throughout the Roman Empire.

Flamenco then developed in Andalucia from the mix of Arabic, Christian and Jewish cultures during the 700 years of Moorish rule.

This unique music and dance was preserved and enhanced by the Gypsy community who were outcast and lived on the fringes of wider Spanish society for centuries.

We are often asked to involve the audience in the fascinating story of flamenco.

We are always happy to encourage people to try out a flamenco dance.

If you would like to arrange a show by Deva Flamenco contact Christine.
Photographs of the Dancing Devas show by Jodie Williams