Deva Flamenco encourage people to enjoy and appreciate flamenco music and dance.

The Story of Flamenco
Christine of Deva Flamenco is a visiting speaker who gives illustrated presentations to WIs and other social groups on the history of flamenco. With archival recordings and demonstration dances. Christine traces the flamenco story from Roman times through the Arabic / Jewish / Christian culture of Al -Andalus to its development within the Gypsy community. And if they wish, the audience can try a dance.

Deva Flamenco can also give performances which explain the history and meaning of the dances

Flamenco Workshops

Deva Flamenco can also lead "Flamenco is fun" sessions for hen parties and business get-togethers
...and can teach you flamenco clapping and rhythms.
We can also lead your wedding party in a few flamenco dances.

Christine and Fiona give flamenco dance workshops and dance demonstrations at schools, community groups and Diversity Festivals.

From 2009 to 2017 Christine taught Deva Flamenco's Community Inclusion Group for adults with disabilities for SCOPE in Blacon, Chester. So she has a range of fairly easy dances to teach at schools and have-a-go flamenco sessions at festivals

Nia also dances and milonga - perfect for Latin nights. And she can teach you a tango for your wedding dance.
Argentine tango
Shows in the Community.

If you are interested in booking Deva Flamenco please contact Christine.

Photo of Christine with the Community Inclusion Flamenco group on stage by Andrea Smith